HyperCam for PC 2019 latest version

HyperCam for PCHyperCam 2019 is a new version of the famous HyperCam 3, being jointly developed with Hyperionics LLC. It is an advanced utility for capturing screen actions and saving them as MP4, AVI or WMV/ASF files. HyperCam download may be used for grabbing a movie or game, for recording Skype calls and has also been recognized as an excellent tool for creating video presentations, tutorials or demo clips. Stylish, intuitive and user-friendly interface, pre-defined hot-keys for recording actions, built-in video editor, comprehensive text-notes workflow, multiple settings command line interface, can be installed on portable devices, small installation size and a more than affordable price is what makes HyperCam 5 a must-have tool.

HyperCam for Windows PC Latest 2019 version – Free Download now!

The main advantages of HyperCam 5 over HyperCam 2:

  • able to record Skype video and audio calls
  • new skinned user-friendly interface
  • able to grab video in overlay mode
  • able to edit captured video with HyperCam Media Editor
  • able to encode captured sound
  • tiny utilitarian HyperCam tray toolbar
  • visual managing of recently recorded clips

A sophisticated program, with microphone input, to capture screen, videos and sound. Record, edit, using the built-in video editor, and upload videos to YouTube and other popular locations.

HyperCam 2019 latest


  • Save captured data to MP4, AVI or WMV/ASF files
  • Encode video/audio with codecs presented on PC
  • Edit captured MP4, AVI, WMV/ASF files with frame accuracy (trim and join) in built-in HyperCam Media Editor
  • Record and mix two audio channels: a microphone and system audio (useful for Internet call recording )
  • Comprehensive screen notes workflow
  • Use with portable storage devices like USB Sticks (Portable license is required)
  • Supported languages: English (en), German (de), Italian (it), Portugese (Brazil) (br), Russian (ru)

HyperCam is a screencasting program made and created by Hyperionics and Solveig Multimedia. It captures the action from a Microsoft Windows screen and saves it to an AVI or WMV or ASF movie file. HyperCam will also record all sound output, and sound from the system microphone can also be recorded!

HyperCam Home Edition is licensed by End-User License Agreement and is intended for the personal non-commercial use only. In case you wish to use HyperCam for the business needs, please review a professional version – HyperCam Business Edition.

HyperCam setup free

HyperCam Business Edition is licensed by End-User License Agreement Commercial and is intended for the professional use. For this reason, HyperCam Business Edition is appropriate to use in the company for its internal needs. Business Edition is recommended for use if you are an employee who works from home but is connected to the company network or if you are a home-based business owner. Also, HyperCam Business Edition can be used in an academic or government environment.

Version History – 5.1.1808.21, 2018-08-21

Facebook’s “Continuous Live Streaming” option which allows an unlimited streaming

Separate compressors options for streaming and recording
Applying recommended video compressor’s settings based on the capture resolution and famerate

Inability to stream to Facebook
Inability to stream to Twitch
Crash after 20 minutes of a FullHD 60 fps video streaming using a camera device
Unable to start recording when any video compressor’s binary is missing
Record area type selection buttons were visible if the screen capture device was not selected
Fixed an issue preventing the mouse clicks capture when recording “audio only”

HyperCam for Windows PC

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Author: http://www.solveigmm.com/en/products/hypercam/
OS: Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 operating system – DirectX 8.0 Runtime or higher
File size: 49.2 MB – Safe & Secure Setup Installer

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